Your House Might Need A New Coat Of Paint After This Brutal Winter

This has been a rough winter with tons of snow storms and lots of wind. All of that bad weather is really hard on the siding of your house and if you have a painted house it may look really bad. Some people just have wood siding which has a natural look to it that is fine when it gets a little weathered but if it is painted you will see a lot of discoloration. The issue is that painting a house is a lot of work. Most people probably only repaint their home over a matter a years and you are probably like most people. However, next time you look at the exterior think about how long it has been since you had it done. The issue is that painting a home is a lot of work and is fairly pricey. Even if you do it yourself you are committing a lot of time and money into getting the job done. I have had friends use a professional that was around us, Gentile Painting, and they said they did a good job. Of course there are tons of painters so it is easy to get a few quotes and find a good price.

I personally like to do the work myself. It is a great weekend project and I have some experience with the process. Not everyone can do it and it will likely depend on how much trim needs to be done. That is the most time consuming part. You have to get each one of those edges and borders painted right or else it will look really bad. The bulk of the house can be done with rollers or a spray guy so that part is quick. The preparation and execution of the tape and paint is what will make all the difference for those fine edges.

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