Working on my Computer

I always thought that I was good with computers, but I really dont know why my computer has been so slow lately. It started a few weeks ago after I was watching some movies on a new site I found online, and since then, things have not been right. It has been frustrating trying to get any work done on the machine and there have been times that I have just had to walk away from it.

But somewhere along the line, I was smart and I made a friend, Marc , who is good with computers. He will be coming over later today to figure out just what is wrong with it, and I am hoping that he can get things sorted out quickly for me. It is really hard to run a business from your computer when it doesnt work.

In the future, I think that I will have to make sure to have a computer that I can use in case my main one quits working. I have to make sure that my clients stay happy and that I dont lose any of them. I have worked too hard to have my business fall apart because my computer just wont work right.

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