Winning at the Horse Races in Hong Kong

For the people visiting a Hong Kong horse race the first time, the bet selection on offer at the race courses can be overwhelming. The risk management can be as thrilling as the sport itself, so here are some free horse racing tips. You must know the terminologies used; and how they work in order to help you win money. Take a look at the form guide of Hong Kong to know what every bet really mean. Below is a quick look at the kinds of bets that can be placed on horse races in Hong Kong.

Win This is the simplest bet for a novice. A win bet means to choose which of the horses first gets their nose past the post. There are no prizes for 2nd place, so this is very much an all or nothing strategy.

Place You will pick one horse to finish at the top 3 places provided, the race has 7 or more horses and to end up in the first 2 places the race should contain 4 to 6 horses. Your risk is spread a little more here.

Quinella – Quinella means you should pick two horses to finish in the top two places or in either order. Both of them must finish in the top 2 in order to receive the cash.

Trio – This is similar to the Quinella, but with three horses. This means your 3 horses should finish, in any order i.e., either first, second or third position.

Tierce – For those of you who fancy yourselves as experts in horse racing hong kong, the tierce needs you to pick the first, second and the third, in the right order.

Six Up This happens to be the father of all the bets. To collect a six-up, pick one horse in each of six races to complete with either 1st or 2nd. If you win the champagne is on you.

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