Wild White-water Rafting on the Nile

There are some pretty adventurous, adrenalin pumping activities to take part in on a Uganda Safari; at the top of list comes the crazy sport of white-water rafting. Where better to partake in this activity than on the Nile River in Uganda. The Nile River, around the area of Jinja, is famous for grade 5 rapids, the highest commercially raft-able rapids in the world. With names like Hair of the Dog, Vengeance, The Bad Place, Retrospect, Overtime, Big Brother and Silverback that should give you an indication of what is in store for you on a full day rafting adventure. Once you have been assigned to a raft, it is time to tighten up the straps on your life jacket and helmet and launch yourself into the mighty Nile. Once in the river there are a few safety drills and then you are off; the thought of what awaits you leaving your stomach churning with anticipation.

The first couple of rapids are grade 3 and 4 to get you used to the rowing techniques. As you reach the first grade 5 rapid its time to duck down inside the raft and hold on for dear life. In the blink of an eye you go crashing into the churning, raging eddies and whirlpools with spray soaking you as the waves break over the raft. The water surges underneath as you are hurled out of control through the rapid and spat out the other side, lucky if you are still in the raft, a real white knuckle ride. As the day progresses you experience endless thrills and spills, sometimes making it through intact and others you are tossed out and at the mercy of the water, praying that you make it to the other side. At the end of the day a delicious barbeque is prepared as you celebrate your survival and tell stories of what youve encountered, a perfect day on a
Camping Safari in Uganda.

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