Why You Need To Buy Deer Antler Spray From New Zealand Deer

It is possible to purchase deer antler spray from many different origins, but if you seek to buy the highest quality, and therefore the most potent supplement, you need to purchase Deer Antler Spray from New Zealand Red Deer origin. Indeed, the antler velvet extract harvested from Chinese, American and Russian deer contains a lower percentage of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) and it is therefore less effective.

It is fair to say that deer antler extract supplements are very popular with athletes and bodybuilders alike. The natural supplement is believed to be very powerful, as it can enhanced muscle development and boost energy levels to improve athletic performance. There are currently a lot of debates going on surrounding the use of the supplement by professional athletes. Many people are of the view that the supplements gives the athletes who use it an unfair advantage. It is also important to note that deer antler velvet extract spray has not yet been approved by the FDA.

It may surprise you to learn that deer antler velvet extract has many other uses besides being a workout supplement. Indeed, the supplement is thought to be a great anti-inflammatory agent, sexual libido enhancing agent and anti-aging agent. It is also believed to have many other beneficial properties.

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