Why Should You Cut Down On Cholesterol & Fats

Specific dietary cholesterol or fats are chief contributors to diabetes and heart disease, leading factors of death and illness in America. Despite this, the consumption of cholesterol and fats has not changed since 1990. Well, if you are concerned about your health, there are certain precautionary measures that you should take such as following a balanced diet through meal programs like Nutri system. This particular diet system offers numerous health benefits in terms of weight loss, diabetes, high cholesterol obesity, and so on. The site fitnesshome.org has good information about various diet plans offered by Nutrisystem.

The calories from saturated fats should be kept less than 10 percent of calories. You can replace them with polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats. Decreasing the calorie percentage from dietary saturated fats to 7 percent may further decrease the risk of heart disease. As far as dietary cholesterol is concerned, it should be less than 300 mg per day. If you cut back to less than 200 mg per day, you can be benefited from higher risks of heart disease.
Trans fats should be avoided as much as you can by restricting foods that have synthetic sources of trans fats like hydrogenated oils, and cutting down on other solid fats. Some of the proteins like eggs, poultry and meat contain solid fats. The fat content in seeds, nuts, and seafood are healthier.

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