Why Is Yacon Syrup Good for You?

Yacon is a root vegetable that has been a staple in the Andean diet for quite some time. The vegetable may also be the next big natural weight loss ingredient. Not only can yacon reduce fat in the midsection, yacon syrup also has the ability to promote healthy digestion and balance blood sugar.

The Dr. Oz show team even conducted an experiment to test the benefits of yacon syrup and saw favorable results. Sixty women were asked to consume one tablespoon of yacon syrup with each meal or right before a meal for 28 days. The women were instructed not to change their eating or exercise habits during the trial. Of the 60 women who started the project, 40 of them completed the trial. The results revealed that:

29 of the 40 women lost weight

The total weight loss weight among the 40 women was 153 pounds

14 of the 40 women lost five pounds or more

The average weight loss among the women was 2.9 pounds

27 of the 40 women would suggest yacon syrup to others as a weight loss tool

Yacon syrup is especially beneficial for individuals who need assistance controlling their blood sugar, as well as individuals who are looking to lose weight and need more fiber in their diets. Those who are allergic to foods that are similar to yacon, such as sunflower seeds, should refrain from consuming this natural weight loss ingredient.

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