Why Choose a Fully Automatic Coffee Machine?

Bean to cup coffee machines are the ultimate machine for producing the freshest and best tasting coffee. This is because bean to cup machines grind, tamp and brew coffee using whole coffee beans to ensure freshness. There is now a range of fully automatic coffee machines from the likes of Jura Impressa which offer an easy to use, one touch system to grind and dispense great tasting coffee.

With a fully automatic coffee machine you can choose from a full range of fresh whole coffee beans which can be mixed and blended to produce your favourite cup. Perfect coffee is ground and dispensed with one touch of a button and you can choose from up to seven different specialities of coffee.

With a bean to cup automatic coffee machine you can treat yourself to exclusive roasts from a local delicatessen or you could bring home your favourite beans from an exotic holiday to grind as and when you feel like it at home.

Automatic coffee machines such as the Jura Impressa are easy to use and feature several desirable features such as an energy saving mode, a one touch integrated cleaning system and a bean sensor which prevents the grinder from operating when empty.

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