Why Bandwidth Is An Important Part Of The Hosting Account

The amount of bandwidth provided by your hosting partner is a serious consideration when it comes to selecting your hosting partner. Bandwidth is important because it determines the amount of traffic that your business website can handle during the month. The lack of bandwidth often leads to your business website taken off the Internet. This creates a lot of embarrassment for you and your business, not to mention the amount of business that you lose. So how do you check what is the amount of bandwidth that is ideally suitable to take care of your monthly requirements? Bandwidth is the volume of data that is sent out to your clients computers when they access your website. If also includes the Volume of data that you access when doing server and file management. Editing files and checking each page for structural integrity in the live server. This may sound a bit complicated but in fact this is not very difficult to calculate. If you have about 1000 visitors to your website every month and each visitor on an average consume about 5 MB of data (that is files, images etc.) accessed, then you will need to have at least 5 GB of bandwidth each month.

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