When Is The Best Time To Plant Your Favorite Hedge?

Do you know the best time to plant a hedge? Some people find themselves in dilemma when they think about planting a new hedge. This dilemma has an answer: hopegroovesnurseries. Perhaps you are hearing about these nurseries for the first time now. They are based in the UK and are owned by a company that claims to cultivate hedges on a piece of land that covers more than seventy acres. They have all types of hedging plants that grow in the UK throughout the year. Hedges are permanent and people do not spend a lot of money maintaining them in future. They tend to have a lot of work when they are planted on a bare ground for the first time.

A hedge will certainly need constant watering and mulching to keep the soil moist and nutritious. The best moment to plant a hedge depends on the season. During fall, you could get the soil ready to host deciduous hedges. The soil is usually warm enough in fall to boost root growth before the freezing winter season arrives. If you want conifers and evergreen hedging plants, you may be best planting them on bare grounds in spring just before the onset of summer. These are usually container-grown plants that could as well be planted in early fall.

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