When An Instant Payday Loan Is Well Worth It.

An interest of $20 for each $100 cash advance loan may seem steep as most payday loans are, especially when the loan is good only for 15 days or two weeks. That’s just the nature of short term unsecured personal cash loans online. But it sometimes makes practical sense getting one even outside of an emergency financial need. Last month, I had a second cash advance from an online payday loan site and I have to say, it was one of the best decisions I made.

A neighbor was holding a yard sale which I visited and noticed he was selling his 4-month old HP laptop computer for just $1,000. It was exactly the same model that was still selling at the local computer shop in the mall for $1,600. I talked to the owner and found out he bought a newer laptop than can easily convert to a tablet which he needed in his trade. So there was nothing wrong with the HP laptop and he needed the money to buy a scanner. Too bad, I only had just a few cash left just enough to make ends meet until next payday which was 10 days away and needless to say, my neighbor was not about to accept a credit card.

When I got home that day, I visited by trusted online payday site and took out a $1,000 instant loan which was deposited to my account the next day. The loan matured in the next 15 days which I paid back with interest for a total of $1,200. A little math convinced it was worth the cost. I either spent $200 for the cost of a 15-day loan to buy my neighbor’s laptop and save $800 off the cost of a brand new one. Or lose the opportunity forever. Never mind that I could have bought it easily 10 days later on my next payday. But not when another neighbor was seriously thinking of getting it too. I just couldn’t take the risk he’d beat me to it.

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