What Type Of Activities Are Offered At Assisted Living Homes?

There are several benefits for seniors to live at an assisted living facility, however, today we want to focus on the different types of social functions, events and other activities that the residents have available to them. There are exercise classes, happy hours, games and a wide selection of other group activities that are provided by assisted living communities. When you go to tour a community, you should ask to speak with the activities director to get a list of all the different types of activities that will be available. For more tips about elder care homes visit .

Common Types Of Activities That Will Be Available are:

Guest Speakers
Dining and Food Events
Monthly Themed Events
Holiday Celebrations
Learning and Educational Courses
Book Clubs
Video games such as Wii Sports
Poetry Reading
Talent Shows
Religious services
Games nights with board games, cards etc.
Wellness classes, which include fitness and exercise
Cooking Classes
Movie Night
Ice Cream Social
Pizza parties
Water aerobics classes such as swimming
Art and Craft Classes

Since each senior will have their own set of interests or needs, you should look for an assisted living residence that offer a wide variety of activities that your aging loved one would be interested in. And you will also find that many activity directors will be open to new suggestions from family members and the residents at a good assisted living facility. It is important that if you just moved in your loved one, you should try and encourage them to start participating in some of these activities immediately, so even before they move in, help them to choose 2-4 activities that they will enjoy and once they move in they should start immediately so that they can meet the other residents and start to make new friends and acquaintances, as this will make the new community to feel like home and the transition will be a lot easier. To learn more about senior living facilities go here .

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