What To Do With Those Beautiful Flowers

Maybe you have wondered how to proceed with these lovely flower petals. You know the ones you received on your own birthday.

Or remember your absolute best friends wedding? Exactly what a shame to only have pictures of those wonderful flowers and they are gone.

Oh remember, whenever you received flowers if the baby came to be. Would not it have been nice to have had a treasure made from these types of flowers as an heirloom?

How sad it absolutely was at the funeral home. “I wish there clearly was something I could do for the family. Something which would bring them some sort of peace. Anything tangible to hold onto in the hard times in the future”.


You could have these rose petals changed to lasting keepsakes such as for example home dcor, keychains, jewelry, and religious objects. Yes your personal flower petals.

But before you jump in and have everyone made these products, there are a few things you must be alert to.

There are many “flower makers” at there. 99% of them have gotten their “recipe” off the internet. This recipe DOES NOT LAST. The tokens will quickly break apart within 5 years.

THINGS YOU NEED IS: A treasure maker who has been around for numerous years (I have found one that has been around since 1982, who now offers a money-back guarantee). This guarantees you not merely durability but also top quality.

ADDITIONALLY, locate a manufacturer who allows you to keep the “original aroma and color” of the flowers. With the menu your treasure is a dark brown or black.

LIKEWISE, locate a maker who completes your order in just a timely fashion. Exactly the same “keepsake creator” I came across using the assurance and who has existed since 1982 also completes every order within 5 days (not a few months).

FURTHERMORE compare prices. Some “makers” start their mementos at $82.00. As previously mentioned above starts exactly the same “keepsake creator” keepsake charms at $10.00 ea.

LAST although not LEAST see when the manufacturer may use products other than plants for an heirloom. I understand this sounds like a repeat, but again exactly the same “memento maker” mentioned above stated that they had an order from a young lady, who found her grandmothers wedding gown in the attic. Rats had eaten holes through all of the dress, so only part of a sleeve was salvageable. This “memento maker” could create bracelets, from your grandmother’s bridal dress for the bridesmaids, mom of the bride as well as the Bride herself. The Bride was ecstatic, she was in a position to use SECTION of her grandmothers wedding gown on her own wedding day. For more help you can also visit on the internet.

And the great thing about any of it “treasure producer” is the fact that the age of the flowers isn’t a problem.

It says on their website that they received an order from a woman, who’d a 50 year old flower that was pressed in a Bible. It had been directed at this lady by her then “man”, who became her husband. She presented him along with his first flower to her on the 50th wedding anniversary. She presented it in the shape of a “flower hand rosary”.

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