What to consider when choosing Bonsai Pots

English: 150 year old bonsai tree at the Cochi...
English: 150 year old bonsai tree at the Cochin Flower Show 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most gardeners, especially beginners, never consider the characteristics and suitability of bonsai pots when establishing their bonsai trees. Using smaller pot in relation to your plant for instance may deprive your plants of water and essential minerals. Potting your dwarf trees with extra large pots has its own consequences too. So before heading out to purchase your bonsai pots, consider the following three main factors.

Pot Dimensions
Size is the most important consideration when choosing your bonsai pots. Use too small pots and the roots will outgrow them within a month. On the other hand, using extra large pots will rob your living room of space and aesthetic beauty. Generally, the depth of the pots should be 2/3 of the height of the tree, while the diameter should be 1/3 of the height of the tree for oval, round or rectangular pots.

Pot Shape
The style of the pot chosen should be in harmony with the tree. Even though the line is not so clear between the two, evaluate the characteristics of your tree and try to find out if it is feminine or masculine. Most bonsai trees are a combination of both, often with one of them being dominant. Feminine trees will match well with colorful, shallower pots with softer lines. On the other hand, masculine trees will match with deep rectangular, strong chunky, pots with sharp corners and ragged exterior.

Pot Color and texture
The color of the tree can help you pick a pot color that best works together. Each tree is different in terms of color and texture. A certain color may be used to bring out a feature in a plant that may otherwise appear dormant under an ordinary setting. You can also take advantage of flower and berry colors to contrast or make a perfect match with your pot. Color and texture can also help you blend your bonsai pots tree setting with your interior dcor especially for indoor bonsai trees.

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