What is the Cure for Herpes?

High blood pressure is one of the side effects of the herpes virus, and it cannot be treated until you get rid of the herpes virus first. There is currently no cure for herpes, and Doctors are working very hard to discover this cure and help people live their lives.

High blood pressure is a cause for many different problems, but it can be controlled with the right heart medicine in place. It is usually caused by stress, but can also be caused by a poor diet, lack of exercise, and lack of sleep. While some of the symptoms can be resolved by changing some of our bad habits, if they are not under control quickly it could be the end of life as you know it.
Doctors are willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of this horrible disease.
Patients, who have suffered a heart attack, must usually take prescribed heart medication for life. However, others, who may not have suffered a heart attack, may also take these prescription medicines.

Rich people are willing to pay top dollar for this medicine. There is no other medicine that is able to get rid of the virus completely. The Cure for Herpes is actually an antibiotic administered intravenously.

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