What is the Cure for Herpes?

There are many people who consider the cure for herpes to be ineffective. This is because there has not been a cure for herpes since the early nineteenth century. People have been trying to devise methods that will eventually cure herpes, but until then there will no mercy for people who are trying to do good for themselves. Doctor Oz stated he will stop at nothing to cure the HSV 2 virus.

The HSV 2 virus is relentless and it is unforgiving. There is very little wiggle room for people looking for a cure for this deadly disease. Over half of the entire US population is infected with this virus which has no cure at the current moment.

There are, however, many treatments that look very promising to stop outbreaks. Outbreaks will make you more likely to transmit the herpes virus to unsuspecting victims. Victims of the herpes virus may eventually become violent and irritable. It is in our best interest to keep them calm and patient until a Doctor (preferably doctor oz) to see them and make sure they are in good health otherwise.

Women often have the hardest time accepting that they have the herpes virus, because there is no Cure for herpes they must use treatments for the virus. These treatments are usually effective.

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