What Is Plastic Surgery?

At face value, the actual name of plastic surgery is somewhat misleading. Place that on top of the typical portrayal of plastic surgery as only cosmetic, and individuals at large have a very limited understanding of the actual scope and depth of plastic surgery as a whole. In reality, plastic surgery is actually a multi-faceted branch of medicine that incorporates both reconstructive and aesthetic operations.

The actual root of plastic surgery is derived from the terminology to mold or shape, which is the true purpose and function of plastic surgery itself. Originally established as a way to reconstruct body parts and limbs that had been wounded in accidents, by diseases, or because of developmental or birth anomalies, plastic surgery later evolved to include the aesthetic reconstructions that are more prevalent today. In both sectors of plastic surgery; however, the objective is the sameto restore and refine damaged or imperfect body parts. To do so, surgeons combine a wide range of surgical techniques including skin grafting, tissue expansion, flap surgery, and precise reconstruction of the musculoskeletal system. Combining different techniques enables doctors to restructure the affected part of the body as well as to cosmetically or aesthetically improve or repair it.

Reconstructive Procedures

While the two types of plastic surgery are often combined, reconstructive surgery in itself is that concerned with reforming an affected part of the body. Common reconstructive procedures include operations to repair birth defects such as a cleft lip or palate, traumatic injuries like that from a burn or animal bite, and the effects of a disease or treatment such as restructuring a womans breast after a mastectomy.

Cosmetic Surgery

In general, cosmetic plastic surgery, also called aesthetic, is an operation that focuses on changing a body part with which an individual finds aesthetically displeasing. Rather than increasing the function of the body part, cosmetic surgery actually just beautifies it. Common cosmetic procedures include rhinoplasty, breast augmentation or reduction, and liposuction.

While plastic surgery offers a wide range of options, not everyone is a good candidate for these procedures. To be most eligible for plastic surgery, one must be in good overall health, have reasonable expectations about results, and acknowledge the risks involved with the surgery itself.

At the very root of plastic surgery is the ability to make individuals more comfortable and confident, which serves a necessary purpose in and of itself.

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