What is Landfill Content?

Many people who are doing business in the web are familiar with the powers of edmonton seo and they will do anything to make the most of this system. There are actually a lot of ways to make seo work for you and your organization but you have to pay close attention to the kind of content that can be seen in your site. You have to do away with landfill content or dead content which refers to web content that is primarily written with search engine algorithms in mind. This means that the content is created by working with a set of phrases and keywords that will optimize the page and make it attractive to crawlers. This system is not a good one as it is focused on misleading search engines as to the content of a site so that the site will rank high to the search results. Given this nature, the focus of creating dead content are not the people who visit the site but the search engines and it places huge emphasis on volume not on the quality of the posts. When the domain that creates this kind of content is authoritative in the eyes of search engines it can easily get away with this but there are various drawbacks.

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