What is Granite?

Granite is a hard, igneous rock made of up of a combination of various minerals. Granite is tougher than sandstone, limestone and marble, and therefore more complicated to mine. Granite is best used as a building stone because of its extreme weather-resistance property. Granite is made up of orthoclase and plagioclase feldspars, quartz, a small amount of mica, and other minerals such as zircon, apatite, magnetite, hornblende and muscovite.

What are the properties of granite?
Granite, together with other crystalline rocks, makes up the surface of the earth as well as the other land masses. Granite forms from the slow cooling of magma as it penetrates deep into the earth, resulting in a coarse-grained type of granite called pegmatite. Granite is generally white or gray with a spotted or blemished appearance due to the darker crystals. Potash feldspar contributes to the granite’s red or flesh color. Learn more here http://mypack.tumblr.com/.

What are the features of granite?
Granite may be considered as an antibacterial stone often used in kitchens and bathrooms. You have the option to choose between a polished finish for that lustrous effect and a flamed finish that displays granite’s unique texture.

How to do your own granite project
Before embarking on a do-it-yourself granite project, it is recommended that you first undergo a tutorial (a step-by-step instructional guide on how to go about a granite project), which is now available in VCD format. For more ideas go here http://jeffersblog.tumblr.com/.

There are endless options in the use of granite, a few of which are: setting a wall tile, producing an Old World kitchen, or enclosing a shower cubicle and bathtub wall. Things to be considered are the quantity of granite required and the proper way of laying it out. The tools to use, such as the circular saw and grinder, plus some cement mix and polishing equipment, are readily available in the market at reasonable prices. Installing your own granite countertop in your kitchen or bathroom saves you about 50% of what you could have spent for professional installation.

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