What is a Heel Spur?

A heel spur is an abnormal protrusion that juts out from a heel. It is the physical manifestation of an inflammation of ligaments and may be very troublesome and painful to deal with on a daily basis. Overburdening the tendons in the heels typically is the reason for this condition. It is the reason it has great impact among sportsmen and physically active persons.

In the most severe conditions, a heel spur may only be fixed through surgery, and thus it is nothing pleasant or easy to handle. Nearly all foot doctors or podiatrists only vouch for surgery if none of the natural or medicinal methods works. There are a number of natural home remedies for heel spur that you may attempt to apply to receive a short relief from the pain and, even though several of them may take a while prior to showing an effect, these remedies are worth the effort and time.

Home remedies typically aim to reduce the inflammation of ligaments and as a result, the pain that is connected to it. Among the most efficient methods to do this is to wear orthopedic molds. You can purchase these in pharmacies and clinics over the counter and, after placed below the heel affected, it will reduce the pain you will feel when walking. It is completely not recommended to walk barefoot because it will only exert more pressure on the ligaments. If you cannot obtain orthopedic molds, use shoes with a minimum of one-inch high heel. It will be very painful in the morning, when the ligaments have contracted for several hours overnight.

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