What Does Telecharger Flappy Bird APK Actually Mean?

There are so many sites out there where you can see that you are offered the possibility to telecharger Flappy Bird APK. What you should know is that this term refers to the possibility of downloading the Flappy Bird game. The word telecharger actually means download in French. When you see a mention of that, you are being offered a French version of the Flappy Bird game to download on your computer.

APK is the file format that is used by Android devices for applications. All apps that you would install come in this format. With this in mind, the term discussed basically hints that you are about to download the game Flappy Bird in a format that is suitable to be installed on Android devices.

Flappy Bird is a game that basically took the world by storm. It managed to get a huge following, although it is one of the simplest games that were ever created. Ever since it was deleted from the Google Play store, people try to find working game versions for Android in order to see what the big deal is. That is what you can find on various websites that use the presentation mentioned above. However, keep in mind that the game would be in French so you do not want to download if you do not know the language. There are also English versions available out there.

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