What Do Women Want

This question can never be answered because women want pretty much everything. Women are very complicated. If you are a man and you have been trying to understand your woman, you should know it is an exercise in futility. The kantenian moral theory states that for anything to be right, it has to be universally accepted. The same cannot be said of womens needs and wants. They have unique and ambiguous needs that leave most men perplexed. So what do women really want? Perhaps this is a question that you should ask your better half because they know want they want.

If you have been toying with the idea of How To get ex back and you are in a relationship, you should better think twice. For starters, women want to feel loved. There is a difference between being loved and feeling loved. The feeling part involves action. Women also like to be pampered and reminded how to special they are.

If you are a man, always let the woman have the final say in an argument. Otherwise, that argument will resurface in future and what you said shall be used against you. Treat your woman like the queen that she is. If anything happens, you would at least realize that you gave your best shot.

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