What Are MREs And Why Are They Helpful?

When soldiers are at war and food options are limited, MREs are typically the main source of food available to them. MREs, such as 1300XT, are a self-contained type of complete meal that lasts for a long time and only requires water to prepare. For this reason, MREs are typically used in any situation where food is limited and nutrients are required, such as during a disaster, during an extended hike or camping trip, and during war times.

MREs are complete meals that will not spoil or be ruined by tradition things, such as water or impacts. MREs offer all of the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that a person will require on a daily basis. Typically, an MRE will provide the main course, side, cracker or bread, dessert, and drinks. The MRE will also include utensils, napkins, condiments, and a heater for the food.

The heater for the MRE is quite unique. To be activated, water will need to be added to the bag. The water can come from any water source, such as snow or a lake. This makes it easy to obtain for most people using an MRE. Even if the heating source is not used, the MRE can still be consumed without cooking. The heater just provides the option for having a warm meal.

MREs can last a very long time if properly cared for. Because of the many layers of materials used to make up the pouch, the MREs are completely sealed to prevent spoiling. They are also able to get wet, dropped, or crushed without ruining the food inside. The sealing layers will protect the meal from any insects, pests, or contaminants.

MREs are a great option for anyone that needs food and may not be able to get it all of the time. They save space in backpacks, last for a long time, and can easily be heated with just water. For these reasons, they are still one of the most widely used food sources when options are limited.

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