Weight Loss & Metabolism

You may have heard it number of times when people blame their inability to lose weight due to a slow metabolism. Do you really think that metabolism is the actual culprit? Well, it may be true that weight loss and metabolism are interlinked. But it may not be the sole reason for not obtaining weight loss. A slow metabolism has never been proven to be the cause of weight gain.

Your metabolism certainly influences the essential energy requirements of your body, but it’s your intake of food and beverage in addition to physical activity that determines your weight towards the end. Although, there are convenient weight loss diets like Nutrisystem that offers best results in terms of weight loss. Besides, it offers special discounts through the Nutrisystem discount code, but ultimately, it is the consistency in your diet and physical activity that counts.

As far as metabolism is concerned, it is basically a process through which the food gets converted into energy. During this biochemical process, beverages and food present in calories are combined with oxygen in order to release the energy needed by your body to perform its functions. Your body needs energy even when your body is at rest for activities such as repairing cells, circulating blood, breathing, and hormone level adjustment.

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