Web Hosting Uptime

When you are searching for a company to host your portal, in addition to bandwidth and space, most of the companies will be talking about their uptime as well. The uptime guarantee is offered by them for showing about the reliability of their service. Web hosting uptime is a calculation of the time a computer server has been running. Any service can be judged as the best only when they offer a long uptime. Most of the web hosting companies will be looking for 99.9% uptime, which means that there will be just two minutes of downtime per day.

Before selecting any service provider, you can have a look at the reviews written about many such companies. When reading ipage review, lay attention on the comments given by their current customers about the uptime offered by them. On browsing through the uptime reviews, you can better select a web hosting company with many positive reviews as compared to those with lesser amount of positive reviews. Uptime is a great measure to judge the quality of a hosting company since with a good uptime, we can very well ensure the efforts made by the company to enable the website of their clients to keep going. A server with frequent downtime will sure be irritating to the users, isn’t it?

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