Ways to a Safer Home That You May be Overlooking

Home security doesn’t end with a strong lock and crossed fingers. By incorporating a few overlooked options into your security strategy, you can actively maintain the safety of your home instead of hoping that you won’t be a victim. From enlisting the aid of your neighbors to keeping your yard from turning into a jungle, there are many excellent ways to give your family the feeling of security that it deserves.

Get to Know Your Neighbors
Watchful neighbors provide an excellent defense against home intruders. If you take the time to meet and talk to your neighbors, they will learn more about your habits. If they see something unusual happening at your home, your neighbors can contact the proper authorities. You can also let your neighbors know when you’ll be on vacation so that they can keep an extra eye on your house. Be sure to return the favor to your neighbors the next time that they take a trip.

Avoid Advertising Your Home’s Contents
If thieves can clearly see your cutting-edge home entertainment system from your living room’s windows, they may decide that your home is a tempting treat. Instead of showing off your impressive belongings, install heavy curtains to ensure your privacy and protect your home. Not only will you prevent thieves from filling their shopping lists with your possessions, you will also prevent them from learning about your family’s habits and schedules.

Home Security System
A good home security system will give you peace of mind and keep your family safe from harm. When you engage your security system, it will monitor your doors and windows and use motion detectors to watch for movement; if something triggers its sensors, the system will sound an alarm. Some systems will even summon help for you. Teach your family how to properly arm and disarm the alarm; it can’t protect you if you never arm it, and false alarms can be frustrating, frightening and expensive.

Keep a Tidy Yard
A yard filled with weeds and overgrown bushes looks abandoned, making the house a prime target for thieves. Keeping the areas around your house tidy ensures that people who pass by your house know that the home is occupied and maintained. In addition, overgrown bushes, trees and weeds provide thieves with hiding spots and access points to your home.

Make Your Home Look Active
If your home is often empty, invest in a few inexpensive devices to make your home look active while you’re away. Lamp timers, for example, work great for adding a bit of life into your home. You can set these timers to turn your lights on several times throughout the day. You can also get a timer for a radio; a passing thief will hear the radio and may believe that someone is actually home.

Keep Your Plans Private
Social media fans love to share intimate details with their online followers, from lunch pictures to upcoming travel plans. Some social media networks even record your exact location when you post an update. Be more careful with the information that you choose to share online. No one, especially a stranger, needs to know every movement that you take throughout the day.

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