Ways Of Stopping Credit Card Fraud

Although the internet has made payment and purchasing of goods easy, internet fraud has increased. However, there are ways of preventing credit card frauds. These ways include:

  • The comparison of the country IP address and the billing IP address. With the use of IP address, you can easily determine the location of the user. If the IP addresses are the same, the chances of fraud taking place are reduced.
  • Check if the country indicated by the IP address is among the threat countries known globally with credit card fraud. If you take precautions with orders being taken to such countries, you can prevent or avoid both credit card fraud and possible losses incurred by your business. Such countries include Russia, Romania, Turkey, Egypt, Lithuania, and Indonesia among others. These countries are listed as threat countries due to their history and notorious behaviors.
  • The other way to stop credit card fraud is by using BIN checker services such as , to ensure before you verify any transaction; you have verified the details of the credit card on your system.
  • Finally, your business should be in a position to determine if the email address used in placing an order is real or anonymous. You should check the email together with the IP address, to ensure only genuine orders are placed and not scams.
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