Watch Bradley vs Marquez on October 12

Marquez vs Bradley will be going down on October the 12th. There are are several reasons why there is a lot of excitement surrounding this fight. Firstly, there is absolutely no way of speculating who among the two of the two will win. Both Marquez and Bradley have fought in PPV fights and they have both defeated Manny Pacquiao recently. But the two have not faced each other in a fight. They therefore both stand the chance to win as it stands and for this reason, it will definitely be a thrilling match.

Secondly, Marquez is speculated to be retiring after this fight. It is therefore of much importance to him if he retires with a win. Bradley on the other hand has announced that in the fight, he will be beating Marquez on his way to retirement. This makes it a tense moment for the fans as everyone awaits to see how the results of Marquez vs Bradley. And of course for the fans, it will be the last chance for them to see Marquez on the ring if he in deed is going to retire.

Watch Bradley vs Marquez live streaming on the fight night from your home and access the live streaming through your computer.

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