Using Reverse SEO Reputation Management for Proactive Public Relations

Certain marketing verticals such as SEO reputation management have their roots in managing a business’ brand name in Yahoo, Google and other popular social media sites. It is essential that the first few positive results that customers land on present your business in the most positive and light way if at all the business has to progress. According to research, 56% of Google users will click upon the first result displayed after a given search. Little search engine optimization will help to get you on top of the search results. However, there incidences when the first results displays your business in the negative way and you need to do every bit of what it takes to get rid of such comments.

Reverse SEO reputation management is the action to take in such a scenario. Since many of the Google users do not view the third pages, reverse SEO will help to push the critics review to the third and preceding pages so that users cannot access them. The first step undertaken is identifying the depth of the problem then responding to the critics. The next step is setting up a blog which will be updated regularly. It is advisable to try posting a video to YouTube and including your web site link for back link purposes.

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