Uses Of Treatment Creams With Retinol

Treatment creams with retinol have a lot of uses. First, it can be used to minimize acne. If you have experienced a moderate to severe acne, adding a topical cream with retinol can help clear the skin and reduce future acne breakouts. Retinol can treat oil production and reduce inflammation associated with acne. In fact, it helps unclog pores which allow other topical creams to take effect. Second, treatment creams with retinol also minimize wrinkles and signs of aging. It has been approved by the FDA that this prescription topical cream can increase the production of collagen. It stimulates new blood vessels in the skin that is why; it fades age spots, reduce pre-cancerous skin spots and make it appear more rosy.

The good thing about retinol creams is it also helps patients with psoriasis. Since this skin condition has no treatment, the retinol topical cream can slow down the growth of skin cells, together with steroidal creams as well. One just has to remember that treatment creams with retinol should be used when prescribed by the doctor. This is because it can potentially cause side effects, which can be potentially dangerous later on. As much as possible, seek medical advice when planning to use this type of topical cream.

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