Useful Tips For Buying A Right CCTV Camera

CCTV video cameras are ideal surveillance equipment and also spy gadgets. Are you thinking about getting a CCTV camera for your house or office security? Hence before being an impulsive buyer you should take your time and research your options before investing your cash. Here are some points that you ought to keep in mind while getting a CCTV camera:

Check the Resolution in the CCTV Cameras: The measuring device for resolution is horizontal TV SET lines (TVL). Higher the TVL better the picture quality. The resolution of normal video cameras ranges from 350 to 400 TVL whereas for hi-res CCTV cameras, it goes up to 480 or 500 TVL. Higher resolution cameras produce magnificent accurate images and are ideal for surveillance of crowded and also crime prone areas.

Evaluate Your Monitoring Needs: The first and foremost thing is to evaluate your needs before making the offer. Make the purchase in obedience with application area where the camera might be deployed and the lighting and conditions of that area. You can navigate here to seek additional information regarding buying a cctv camera.

Check the speed in the camera: The fps (frames per second) fee calculates the speed of the video or in other words the number of images ready-made per second. It is advisable to pick the fps depending upon the actual surveillance location.

Color or gray scale cameras: Again depending upon the need and budget you can either opt for color CCTV cameras or gray scale CCTV cameras. Although color CCTV cameras are more popular this can excellent picture quality, but gray scale CCTV cameras are cheaper, employ a fair picture quality and are easy to operate.

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