Types of Walking Frames and Walkers

Cases of immobility are brought about as a result of several contributing factors. Children learning to walk and the old may find the support of walking aids very essential. Another cause would be a muscular disability which deprives an individual of their ability to walk without support. Other disabilities such as sight impairments may also need a special aid to enable the affected individual become more mobile. A mobility aid is anything created specifically to help individuals with mobility impairment to walk with ease or in extreme cases be able to move. A wide variety of these devices have been designed to meet the needs of different individuals.

Assistive canes are the most common and may also be referred to as walking sticks. They have evolved from simple poles to a foldable walking stick. It helps an individual to transmit the load through the hand, to the shaft and ultimately to the ground. This lessens the weight that is placed on the impaired or injured parts of the individuals body, enabling easier and faster mobility. Some walking sticks even come with 4 legs to give even more stability to the person using it. Crutches are similar to assistive canes but their method of weight transmission differs significantly. They have two points of weight transmission that are the hand and wrist, and either below the armpit or just below the elbow.

Walkers are another type of mobility product that is commonly used to assist movement. Lightweight walkers are modified to offer more support and comfort to the user. They have a rest seat and back support which is important for comfort whenever the user is on a longer journey. If you are looking for the most flexible of wheeled mobility products then a tri wheeled walker is just what you need. You can choose from both aluminium and steel tri walkers. Their sizes can be reduced through folding to make it convenient for storing and transporting. Moreover, they have brakes which can be locked for safety. A standard trolley can also be harnessed and combined with a brake to provide more agile mobility to an individual. A trolley is effective for use around the home and offers another method of support if needed. Walking rest seats are perfect for outside journeys. They enable you to rest at any time and place you would like to. They combine both a seat and walking support for you to use as required. Whenever you get tired, you simply unfold it and you have a seat.

All of the above are mobility products suited to people who still have enough use of their legs to still be able to stand. There are of course other mobility products such as wheelchairs and scooters that you can see on Firefly Mobility, that allow the user to adopt a seated position whilst moving. Before choosing which piece of equipment is right for you, it is always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional. They will be able to help you by suggesting the best mobility product for your situation.

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