Treating A Babys Dry Stuff Nose

It is common for babies to have dry stiff noses which shouldnt be a cause for alarm unless it becomes very serious. A nasal aspirator can help to clear a blocked baby nose can cause a baby a lot of discomfort such as difficulty in sleeping, breathing and so on. You can get it at Nasal Aspirator – Happy Healthy You.

Most of the time, a babys nose will become stuffy due to accumulation of dry mucus. A babys nose anatomy is structured in such away that it has small nasal passages. The nasal lining is also sensitive and so it is easy for congestion to occur. Parents can also contribute to the stuffy noses when they decongest the nose drops for way too long or often.

The symptoms of the stuffy noses are caused by anatomic obstructions. For example the condition known as choanal atresia can lead to obstruction of the nasal passages.

Importance of treatment
A stuffy nose will cause a child to breathe through the mouth. This hinders the childs ability to breastfeed for a long time because he will need to breathe in between and yet breastfeeding is important because it is the only way they get their food and nutrients when still young.

Treatment options
You can mix warm tap water with saline solution to form a nasal wash. This works by moistening the mucus to make it easy for you to clear it using a bulb syringe.

There are various aspirators that you can use top clear your babys nose. They have a nozzle that you are required to position at the opening of the babys nostril. The nasal aspirator has soft tubing in the inside and the other end consists of a mouth piece. What happens is that you suction the mucus using your mouth and the mucus will go in to the nozzle. You will not inhale germs when you do this because there is a filter inside it where the mucus is kept. You can just wash the nasal aspirator when you are done and use it next time.

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