Top Most Watches For Men

Choosing a wristwatch for men might be overwhelming, because of the various alternatives available. From luxury brands to everyday aeronautical, diving and watches, there are several types of material, styles and timekeeping technologies that one may choose from. Pick a wristwatch that best suits your personal style, budget and lifestyle.

Luxury Watches: One of many luxury watch brands is Breitling. The Breitling Emergency line is a sturdy watch which features a Titanium bracelet and casing, and is completely furnished with an alarm, calendar and a timer. You may get the Breitling Emergency watches for around $5,000. Another mixture of luxury and sports may be the Rolex Sea Dweller watch, which sells for about $ 8, 500. It can withstand dives to around 4,000 feet. Indeed, Rolex watches for men are quite in demand. The top most version of the Rolex family is the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, which sells for $ 32, 000. This unique model has waterproof screw down pushers with alternatives for 18 karat gold or stainless steel dials and bracelets.

Affordable Watches: Casio’s G-Shock line became well-known the late ’90s, when wearing a plastic watch was hip. The G – Shock contains sophisticated digital operations, including alarms and calendars and boasts of water resistance up to 600 feet. The Casio G-Shock retails from $60 to $150. Timex is also among the more recognizable men’s watchmakers, and its own Easy Reader Watch, which retails for just under $50, has an Indiglo night-light. It will help you see the dial even in the dark without resorting to glow-in-the dark digits.

Sports Watches: The Omega Sea master, otherwise generally known as the James Bond watch, has a recognizable blue rotating bezel, and comes in a 007 edition. The watch is chronometerrated for accurate timekeeping and includes a helium escape valve for diving. The Omega Sea master retails for $1,600. The Tag Heur Formula 1 string of watches sells for $ 550 to $ 900 and includes a stainless steel or titanium bracelet and a chronograph with a dial. The Omega Speed master Professional version includes a tachymeter, appropriate for those on the racing circuit, with added dials for small-scale seconds.

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