Top 6 Baby Keepsakes Ideas

Many parents would like to keep things for their children so that they show them when they are old. Some also just want to keep these things so that they can remember those memorable days that they had with their kids. The question normally is: just what kids things should you keep? You certainly want to keep things that will interest your child in the future. Although childhood is astonishingly precious, it is something that many people forget soon. Below are some suggestions of things you can keep for your child.

1). Babys first shoes

These are very tiny, and are surely things to keep for your baby. A kids first pair of shoes can be quite daintily. For the purpose of creativity and creating a memory for your child’s Keepsakes, it would be great to use a babys first shoes. If possible, have a photograph of the baby accompany this first shoe.

2). First birthday cards

This is another great thing to keep for your baby. Rather than keeping all his or her birthday cards, just pick the one for his or her first year anniversary. The first birthday of a baby is certainly worth considering, given that he is just turning one year, and barely walking. You can keep the cards and even photos of that day to show the people who came to celebrate with you.

3). Coming home clothes

These are the clothes that your baby wore when they were brought home from the hospital. There is no better way to remember your baby wrapped in those tiny clothes than to keep coming home clothes. This outfit is certainly of great significance as far as a babys life is concerned. Imagine later when your baby is now 20 years old, and you show them these tiny clothes that they once fit in. it also reminds you of how you held your newborn in your hands.

4). Every picture

If you cant keep these baby photos, you might regret it in the future. When posing for these photos, make sure you are snap happy. Take as many photos as possible within the first few months. These photos will be a great reminder of your baby when they grow old.

5). Hospital wristband

A hospital wristband is normally filled in with the name and date of birth of your baby. Several years later, it will serve as a perfect reminder of the day when your baby joined the world. It helps you remember how small tiny babys were. When you show these items to your kid especially when they reach school going age, it can be very exciting for them. This is because it helps them understand their beginning.

6). Record book

Some parents like keeping records of how their babies develop. This is normally recorded in scrapbook style, and it details scrawls and snippets of basically what a baby has been up to. If you can keep things such as the first word that the baby uttered, or even their first laugh, it can be very interesting several years later. These details are quite easy to forget if they are not recorded, yet they are very important in understanding the baby.

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