Tips For Purchasing A Wine Cooler

Collecting wine is the perfect hobby for someone who enjoys a glass of quality wine and is looking for a hobby they can run from home. The good news about becoming a wine collector is the fact you really do not need to spend a lot of money on equipment to get started. Imagine when you want to learn how to play golf, you need bags and clubs and plenty of other expensive items!

The one piece of equipment that is recommended is a wine cooler as this covers one critical component of wine collecting, temperature control. You may have read plenty of wine cooler reviews on the internet and be wondering which model is the best one to buy due to the huge numbers of models that are currently available. Lets see what is important and how you should base your decision.

You will notice that many of the newer models feature thermoelectric motors. These are special motors that contain no moving parts and that makes a big difference to your success as a wine collector. Wine must be allowed to settle if you want to get decent results and this cannot happen if you have a noisy motor vibrating the cooler. These motors run silently with no vibrations allowing your wine to settle over long periods of time.

The glass in the door also plays a part as you want to make sure it does a good job of sealing in order to maintain a constant temperature inside. Some of the new models feature double paned glass doors which are the best. You will also need to ensure the glass is UV resistant to ensure no harmful rays enter the cooler. Wine is affected by UV and your collection will be damaged if you allow these rays near your wine collection.

Shelving is also important as many coolers are built to accept standard sized bottles only. These days there are many different bottles on the market which come in different shapes and sizes so it is recommended to buy a cooler where the shelves can be reconfigured to allow any size bottle. Although you may cut down on overall capacity if you remove any shelving it does give you total flexibility which you will need.

Keep these facts in mind when you buy a cooler and you will have the perfect place to store your wine while it matures at the optimal rates.

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