Three Ways To Burn Fat

If you think the best way to lose the extra weight you are carrying around your belly is to step on a treadmill and plod away for as long as possible, you are wrong. Running will not do much do alter your body composition it will just make you better at running.

For effective fat loss you need to lift weights, which will help you lose fat and, crucially, build muscle. That is important because muscle is active tissue in that it burns calories, so you will use the energy you are taking on board more efficiently. Long, slow runs can also eventually increase your stress hormone levels, which will encourage your body to hang on to your spare tyre. Besides that, you also need a muscle building diet. Therefore you have to figure out how much protein to build muscle based on your body weight.

1.Lift weights Lifting heavy weights is important because of the effect it has on your hormonal system, says personal trainer Sean Lerwill. It produces growth hormone, which helps to break down fat cells. If you do heavy compound exercises you will release growth hormone.

2.Keep intensity high An intense session will use lots of energy so you will burn more calories, says personal trainer Sean Lerwill. Intensity should involve lifting heavier weights as well as minimizing rest because you will recruit more muscle fibres which also has a positive effect on fat loss.;

3.Do not get stressed To burn fat you need to restore and recover, and you need to go into an anabolic phase, says functional medicine specialist Aaron Deere. Stress puts you in a catabolic phase, so if you are a highly stressed person you may want to do one or two intense sessions a week and spend the rest of the time doing something slower, such as yoga.

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