Things You Need To Remember When Using Spray Tanning Machines

All first time experiences are always exciting. It is filled with lots of uncertainties and apprehensions. But then again, it is something that you always look forward to. Hence, if you are thinking to try the airbrush spray tan machine then you may experience an ambivalent feeling on the day you are scheduled to get tanned. Surely, you would fret if having a tanned skin will look nice to you. And this thought matters a lot especially if you are doing the tanning in preparation for a very important event.

These are some points that you need to bear in mind before and during the tanning session. You have to make sure that you wear a black outfit to and from the tanning salon to make sure that the tanning product wont stain your dress. You also need to clean your skin very well so it wont feel greasy and the tanning product will adhere well on your skin. Remember that right after the tanning session, there may be spots that you will notice on your face that looks like freckles. They are actually droplets created by the airbrush spray which will be one after a while. The favorable look would surface after a couple of days that you get your skin tanned. Hence, it is also highly suggested that you tan your skin 2-3 days before the major event.

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