Things To Know When Looking At Parcel Delivery To Romania

Are you looking for parcel delivery to Romania? This is pretty simple stuff if youre one of the types of people that have a contract with a courier and everything is already setup for you. But if youre new to the process things can be a little weird because not all couriers ship to certain places. Places like Iceland and Poland arent shippable for some couriers and not everyone knows that. In this case it just happens that Romania has a long list of items that are illegal to import. This means that your courier, whoever that ends up being, needs to check your items proper to declaring them fit for shipment. Its their duty to ensure the safety of the package, because if something goes wrong its entirely against the courier.

This can cause huge repercussions for future shipments because a courier can be banned from sending to a particular country. In this case proxy countries are used, where the package is sent to them first prior to being sent to Romania. This is an unneeded thing in most circumstances and needs to be prevented at all costs because it drives up the cost per shipment and those costs get brought onto the consumer.

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