Things To Know When Buying A Laptop

Purchasing a computer system or laptop is a complex and time consuming task. Nowadays a wide range of laptops and computers are available with different configurations. If you decided to buy a computer or laptop here are some tips before you buying it. You can also buy computer or laptops online through refurbished laptops.

All-Purpose: If you want to do a little bit of everything or plan to share your laptop amongst family members, you can consider anything from an inexpensive 15-incher that mostly stays in your living room to a lightweight 11- or 13-inch system you carry around the house. Depending on how much gaming and graphics work you want to do, expect to spend between $400 and $800.

Business/Productivity: Whether youre a traveling executive or a student, your main goal is writing and editing text, manipulating spreadsheets and creating presentations. So youll want a laptop with a good keyboard, durable design and sharp screen.

CPU: The least expensive laptops on the market have AMD E Series or Intel Pentium/Celeron CPUs, which will struggle to handle serious productivity, gaming or media tasks, but can handle Web surfing, email and social networks use. If youre buying a system with an Intel Core series processor, make sure you get a 4th generation Core for the best combo of performance and battery life.

RAM: When it comes to memory, or RAM, even the cheapest notebooks have 4GB these days, so dont settle for less. If you can get a system with 8GB, youll be better prepared for high-end applications and lots of multitasking.

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