The Wrong Diet Plan Can Make You Fat

There are several reasons why people go on a diet. It can be due to health reasons or for improving looks or its a job requirement; the reasons are plenty. There are no shortages for diet plans either. But unless you find the right diet plan, you are likely to suffer many health problems. Most of the diets out there can help in short term weight loss but by the time they are done, the weight comes creeping back in. There is even the possibility that you may gain more weight than you had before you started the diet. One of the main reasons why most diets fail is that they destroy your metabolism. Most of these diets are low in calories and this calorie restriction slows down your metabolism. Your body prepares to survive the starvation mode by storing the calories as fat. So what you perceive as weight loss by following such a diet is actually muscle loss.

If you really want to follow a diet plan, go for one that is proven to be effective and successful like the nutrisystem diet program. Not only does it help you lose weight, but also supplies all the essential nutrients that your body requires. The food is tasty and you get to choose from a variety of meal options. The problem with most other diets is that you are forced to eat the foods that you dont like. Having to eat the foods that you hate makes it difficult for you to stick with the diet.

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