The Way I Started Surfing

Surfing has turned into one of the best things that I have ever done. I started surfing about six years ago and it all started because a friend asked me if I wanted to take Newport+ri+surf+lessons lessons with him. When he first told me about them I thought that it could be a fun thing to try but when I actually started surfing, it turned out to be so much fun. I had an absolute blast and once it was done, I could not wait to get out there again and surf some more.

I ended up calling the RI+surfing+lessons company the very next day and asked them if I could take surfing lessons again. They of course said yes and we started planning the next time I could go out. The whole time that we were talking about it my heart was pumping with adrenaline as I just wanted to paddle back out right then and there. But I was going to have to wait until the appointment that we set. But the important thing was that I was going to be taking another surf lesson in RI and that was what I kept on telling myself.

After the next surfing lesson that I took you can pretty much guess what happened from there on out. I went out and I purchased my very own surfboard so that I could go out whenever I wanted to which turned out to be a lot. Before I knew it I was paddling in to waves and standing up with no problem. I was becoming an actual surfer which was all that I could ask for.

Now I have improved a lot on my surfing skills but I still remember how it was that I got into surfing. My friend still surfs from time to time but did not fall in love with the sport like I did.

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