The Steps Involved In Fabrication Of Stainless Steel

Pierce and punch

Piercing and punching techniques are used for the process of forming perforation and holes. Punching is an easy and cost effective way of forming holes of various size and shape during the fabrication process. Many holes can be formed using the method of piercing, perforation, notching and punching .


In this stage, the physical dimensions of the work pieces are changed according to the requirements. Bending machines or press brakes may be used for this process. If a curve is to be provided to the work piece then the process of cold or hot rolling are used. To change the cross sectional dimensions, the work piece is made to go across pair of rolls .


This is the final step before putting all the pieces together. In it the work piece needs to go through turning, counter boring, tapping and drilling to get rid of all the unwanted material .

Finally, all the pieces are put together to get the final shape with the help of spot welding, TIG welding or MIG. Welders who are professionals and are well aware of the characteristics of stainless steel do this work. Once it has been compiled to a single product, it may undergo through electro-polishing, galvanizing, wet painting and powder coating may be used for extending the life of the product and to make it look more better.

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