The Step By Step Procedure For Your Company Registration

Many people in different countries with huge economy try to develop their company as it gives good news for their government. Many are still in the dark about the steps on how to register their company. There are certain steps that should be followed before making your company operational.

– You have to give the address of your company base on the license that you want to issue. There are certain payments that you must pay to the government if you are living outside the country wherein you establish your company. Most of the company documents and files are kept together to avoid loss of records. The official address must be indicated to make the papers legitimate.

– Proceed to the office of the co-operative registration such as their website and download the form10. The details will be provided by the company for you to be filled up including the official address of their personnel.

– You have to download the company house form12 from the same website and they will ask you some agreement and compliance coming from the 1985 Companies Act. Certain notary is signed by the solicitor after the oath for peace of the commissioner.

– Gather the memorandum of association form the solicitor to make your company as an legal entity. These documents are important because it possess the list of different company including your own company.

– Articles for incorporation are important to obtain your legal solicitor before signing the notary. It includes the structure of your company including the policies that manage some of its operations. These documents will be signed by the shareholders if they have any available time to make an agreement with the company registration.

– Necessary filing fee for the company house will be collected including the documents. There are standard fee for the registration of the company including the filing of the important documents. You should open a business account for your business firms after you register your company. Good luck and have a nice day for the operation of your company.

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