The Real Effects Of Fake HCG Explained

Many people are beginning the HCG weight loss program for the first time, and have questions about how it works, and its efficacy. Yes, HCG can help out a lot with any weight loss program, and allows users to typically lose upwards of 4 times as much as dieting alone. It does so through direct interactions with the brain’s hypothalamus gland, boosting metabolism and decreasing the appetite of users. However, only real HCG is capable of doing this. Presently, a large number of retailers are marketing what they like to call “homeopathic” or homeone-free products which do not contain the hormone at all. Though a handful may contain a very small amount, most contain none of the hormone. This has become a significant issue, and new users should learn how to avoid purchasing them.

Real HCG is often easy to identify, as it will be clearly marked as the real hormone either during the marketing itself, or on the label. Non-homeopathic HCG is indeed real, while these others are not. Some products, such as HCG drops power, clearly indicate their daily dosage of the hormone as well, which is always a good sign. However, if someone actually does purchase and use fake products instead, what they will find is that their appetite is not suppressed at all. Additionally, as they go through the program, their metabolism will begin to slow down and eventually stop, such that they will not be able to lose weight further after a certain time. With real HCG, this is wholly prevented, though some plateaus still occur over time.

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