The Power Of Marketing Automation

Those who are successful in the online business world will know that it can take a lot of personal interaction in order to convert a cold lead into a profitable sale. Unfortunately, however, personal interaction can be time consuming and costly. Furthermore, it is not easily scalable. Fortunately, there is a way to turn cold leads into sales with much less effort if you are prepared to learn about marketing automation systems.

There are many automated marketing solution systems available including Marketo and Pardot. One of the best things about Marketo is that simple wordpress marketo integration is an option. Automated marketing solution systems allow a company owner to easily turn leads into sales by enabling the owner to drip feed targeted marketing campaigns to potential customers and to use artificial intelligence to interact with potential customers on a more personal level.

Some people believe that automated marketing systems take too long to set up and that the return on investment makes such systems an unappealing option. The truth is that integrating Marketo with a WordPress website is a very simple procedure for those who are already familiar with the WordPress platform. What’s more, the Marketo WordPress plugin is available on a very competitive pricing plan indeed.

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