The Number Of Pair Of Shoes You Should Own

Has such a thought ever conjured in your mind? You should never ask a woman such a question if you do not want confrontation. Women will never be satisfied with the number of shoes they have. They will buy a new pair yet there is that pair she has not put on for over a year. When it comes to men, the case is different. Men can survive with just a few pair of shoes for years. Another reason why men do not have as many pair of shoes as women is that their shoes are slightly more expensive. That is why men are conscious when they stumble on sites like

They will only buy a new pair only if they think it is necessary. The number of shoes one should have is an ambiguous question. It will depend on the need and financial implications. There is no reason why you should restrict yourself from buying a pair of shoe when you have the need and the means.

Women should regulate the number of shoes that they buy. Impulse buying is to blame for the unnecessary shoes some women have in their closets. If you try to Google the word shoes, it will be accompanied by a woman. So is the joke but it is also a reality of our times.

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