The Natural Health Benefits Of Organic Silica Components

The silica is a chemical compound of two minerals silicon and oxygen. This compound also called as silicon dioxide or silox. The chemical formula of silica is SiO2. The silica is most abundant in the earth’s crust. It is the principal component for manufacturing glass, foundry, concrete and ceramics. Silica is most overlooked mineral and loaded with several health benefits.

Health advantage of silica:

In the human body, silica is very important element in the development of collagen. This compound is found in tissues and organ in the human body. It enhances the blood circulation system and transmission of nerve signals. The major health benefit includes stronger finger nails, healthy hair and clear skin, minimize the effects of aging, enhance daily function of our body, eliminate dry skin, improve digestion, increase body metabolism rate and enhance cell formation.

The calcium and vitamin is an important element for better bone health and strength. But, this mineral requires a silica combination for better calcium absorption. As other minerals, the foods are the natural source of silica. The food substances include wheat, onions, oats, cucumber, avocados, brown rice and strawberries. The herbs like horsetail and nettle is the major source of silica content. The silica is extremely beneficial for health skin. It eliminates the face wrinkles by improving elasticity of the skin.

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