The Key to Maximum Antioxidant Activity is Glutathione

What if you were told you weren`t getting enough cellular oxidation or free radical protection, despite consuming all the high antioxidant foods and some of the best antioxidant supplements available? Would you ponder how that might be, or would you just dismiss it? Do not blow off it, continue reading. How it may be, based on several health professionals, is that the glutathione levels are also low. It is an extremely common circumstance with all the oxidation stress our toxic environment supplies, along with a little aid from our personal stress.

Oxidation occurs on the cellular level throughout the body’s efforts to create power and fortify cells metabolizing oxygen. The oxygen atoms or molecules that aren’t completely consumed become free radicals, unstable atoms missing an electron, which start robbing cells of electrons to stabilize and balance themselves. Then the atoms robbed of an electron become free radicals and carry on the oxidation process, robbing electrons as required from other sources.

A chain reaction happens. As they join in abnormal ways, leading to mobile and DNA damage this alters the identification and function of the atoms. And ultimately, of course myriad health problems and illness will breed freely. It’s the disadvantage of oxygen, related to the way steel becomes rusty with experience of air. We cannot quit breathing, therefore you will see some free radicals loose from only that.

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