The HP Designjet 4000 ink cartridges

The HP Designjet 4000 ink cartridges are unique. These cartridges supplies ink using colour layering technique to give good quality of printing. Like any other colour cartridges it uses four base colours which most of the printers use. Ink types used in these cartridges are Black Pigmented, CMY dye-based. Ink drop rate for these cartridges are set properly to enhance the printing quality.

Using original HP Designjet 4000 ink cartridges ensures all HP printing features. You can buy buy HP Designjet 4000 ink cartridges from with 100% satisfaction guarantee. We ensure you a safe online shopping with SSL Technology.

The HP Designjet 4000 is powered by the unique HP Double Swath tools. It prints up to 42 inches wide colour and black-and-white matter in high-speed. It has a technology of distinguished line accuracy, high quality image printing, and has the outstanding technology of remote printer management.

This printer has the technique to double the print capacity compared to any other HP Designjet series. It has two extended lasting HP print head, for which it gets a broader print ribbon and a higher ink triggering rate for fast printing. It saves time with the driverless multi file printing working capacity that means it is not dependent on operating system. This printer is well appointed with a memory of 256 MB which can be extended just before 512 MB. Thus it has an excellent performance.

The HP Designjet 4000 prints Superior lines and images because of the flexible support on a wide range of media and it rolls up to 300 feet long. The black pigmented ink creates dark dense lines and sharp text. HP Professional Colour technology helps in getting identical print from the soft copy to the hard one. Thus the HP Designjet is technically enhanced printer which is economical product-wise and running cost wise.

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